Heatlegends Pool is designed for big stakeholders who do not have an opportunity or the desire to run an own node. The pool does daily payouts for the last forging period (the last full day 01:00am UTC – 00:59am UTC / as ONLY full days count). In case of a network breakdown the pool still guarantees the lessor a full payment of the forging period at hand.

Specific Rules:

  1. Only balances over 25k are accepted as lessors. Every leased account balance below 25k that produces rewards will be considered as a donation to the pool and the community.
  2. Payouts will be done weekly for every full day during the period.
  3. The reward for the lessor will be a flat rate 0,0758% for every full day in the pool as effective (accumulates to a 2,3% ROI/month).
  4. The lessors effective balance will be checked daily for changes but only the effective balance at the start of the day will count for the rewards in the next payout. Any unreported large (+1000) deductions of the balance will result in a 0 payout for the period at hand.
  5. In case of a HEAT network failure, the pool still pays for the forging period at hand (the guarantee).
  6. The pool can change any rules at any time however the changes will always apply to the next forging period (24h) to give every lessor a timeframe to adapt to the changes.

Questions and messages can be sent to info (at) cryptocurrencies.fi

Pool account details:

heatlegendspool@heatwallet.com / #9781138565464410779

The Payouts can be seen at https://heatwallet.com/#/explorer-account/9781138565464410779/transactions